A stupid breadth-first file finder.
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bfinds is stupid. It doesn't know how to fallow links, match by regex, know what a stat_t or ino_t is, or do any error reporting. It thinks maintaining a list of visited directories is a waste of time. Because of its stupidity, bfinds much faster than Gnu's find.

On my computer, today, with my current directory tree, running 'find / -name foo' will take 3.9 to 4 seconds to complete. 'bfinds foo /' will take between 1.7 and 1.9 seconds.

Faster does not mean better! bfinds is an experiment and lacks most of find's features, ones that some people probably actually use. However, 99% of the time when I need to find a file, there aren't any links, I don't want "permission denied" errors filling the screen, and none of find's numerous options seem necessary. bfinds is not a find replacement, but it does the job.


  • Profiling reveals that bfinds spends half its time in path_append(), which is called on every file as it's appended to the "search later" list. The dirent structure gives us each entry's ino, so if we could get a file descriptor from that and call fdopendir(), we wouldn't need to call path_append() at all.
  • I wonder if performance could be increased by having one thread read the directories while another checked for matches (and called path_append()).
  • More options, as long as they don't slow it down.