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Funstructor is a turn-based multiplayer card game for the geek audience. We highly recommend you to go through Tutorial, it takes just few minutes. You can play the game here!


Your goal is to build clojure function from the terminal symbols (, ), [, ], id and num


At the start of the game you and your opponent get 6 cards on hand, which helps you to build your funstruct. Even more, you can destroy opponent's funstruct.

If you play hard, cards are running out and each turn you get two additional cards. You also can get third card, but only random knows. Make sure you hold no more than 10 cards on hand - new card discards one of your existing cards.

Look more rules in cards description.


All cards are divided into categories.


Most important cards, that helps you to build funstruct.


These cards modify your or opponent's funstruct.


Plain actions.


  • Don't hesitate to left feedback. Game ideas, cards and improvements are welcome!