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* This is a sample configuration, you need to copy it to config.php and
* fill in the required values
// A title - you might want to set it to your company name
$CONF['title'] = 'WePing';
// Should short URLs be resolved in the recent message view using the
// Service? This makes the display much slower
$CONF['longurl'] = false;
// Your APP Key. Get it at
$CONF['app_key'] = 'FIXME';
// The application key. Once finally approves the WePing application,
// you will not need to touch this. Until then you need to get your own
// API key at and put it here
$CONF['api_key'] = '695f8bc472032e929a67520eb6694bd9';
// Define your users and their passwords here. The username should be
// kept short as it is appended to each message
$USERS['ag'] = 'pass';
$USERS['dh'] = 'otherpass';