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DokuWiki Grapher

This is a simple script to generate a directed graph description from DokuWiki link structures. Read the introductional blog post for some more info.


Download the grapher.php file into your DokuWiki bin directory. Then run it from command line.


See bin/grapher.php --help:

USAGE: grapher.php <OPTIONS> [<namespaces>]

  Creates a graph representation of pages and media files and how they    
  are interlinked.                                                        


  -d <depth>, --depth Recursion depth, eg. how deep to look into the      
  <depth>             given namespaces. Use 0 for all. Default: 1         

  -m <ns|all|none>,   How to handle media files. 'ns' includes only media 
  --media             that is located in the given namespaces, 'all'      
  <ns|all|none>       includes all media files and 'none' ignores the     
                      media files completely. Default: ns                 

  -f <dot|gexf>,      The wanted output format. 'dot' is a very simple    
  --format <dot|gexf> format which can be used to visualize the resulting 
                      graph with graphviz. The 'gexf' format is a more    
                      complex XML-based format which contains more info   
                      about the found nodes and can be loaded in Gephi.   
                      Default: dot                                        

  -o <file>, --output Where to store the output eg. a filename. If not    
  <file>              given the output is written to STDOUT.              

  --no-colors         Do not use any colors in output. Useful when piping 
                      output to other tools or files.                     

  -h, --help          Display this help screen and exit immeadiately.     

  <namespaces>        Give all wiki namespaces you want to have graphed.  
                      If no namespace is given, the root namespace is     


Run the created file through GraphViz or Gephi.