When pagenames are used as link title, replace word separator by spaces #174

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Klap-in commented Jan 31, 2013

The config $conf['sepchar'] sets a default word separator for page names.
This PR adds an option that enables replacing this character by spaces when the pagename is used as link title (in internallinks).

  • also added little more structured version of help text for the acl plugin.

Different things should be in different pull requests. Makes it easier to merge separately.

I'm fine with the ACL text changes. Could be merged right away.

About the space thingy I'm not so sure. First, I don't like to introduce another option for this. If we decide it's useful I think we can do it on default. However I think it's not needed. If I want spaces in the title I can simply use spaces. Eg. [[My Link]] will link to the same page as [[my_link]], but the former will use a space and upper case letters in the title. I don't think any additional cleverness is needed here.

Klap-in commented Feb 1, 2013

Indeed for [[My link]] syntax it has no use. But my usecase is that the index and the indexmenu plugin display internal urls with pagename as title, and here it's useful to have this bit nicer appearance.

@splitbrain splitbrain closed this Jun 2, 2013
@Klap-in Klap-in deleted the usespacesinlinktitle branch Dec 9, 2014
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