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commit 4182033ce3b922704be2a10ccde8c2647b51d727 1 parent 031aa02
@andrew andrew authored
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@@ -2,19 +2,24 @@
+ - Support for Ruby 2.0.0 (@phoet, #142)
- Multiple Goals (@liujin, #109)
- Ignoring IPs using Regular Expressions (@waynemoore, #119)
+ - Added ability to add more bots to the default list (@themgt, #140)
+ - Allow custom configuration of user blocking logic (@phoet , #148)
- Fixed regression in handling of config files (@iangreenleaf, #115)
- Fixed completion rate increases for experiments users aren't participating in (@philnash, #67)
+ - Handle exceptions from invalid JSON in cookies (@iangreenleaf, #126)
+ - updated minimum json version requirement
- Refactor Yaml Configuration (@rtwomey, #124)
- Refactoring of Experiments (@iangreenleaf @tamird, #117 #118)
- - Added more known Bots, including Pingdom (@julesie)
+ - Added more known Bots, including Pingdom, Bing, YandexBot (@julesie, @zinkkrysty)
@andrew Owner
andrew added a note

Ah yes, I've updated that now, cheers!

dimko added a note

Thanks! :smile:

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- Improved Readme (@iangreenleaf @phoet)
## 0.5.0 (January 28, 2012)

Ah yes, I've updated that now, cheers!


Thanks! :smile:

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