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Date: 14.01.2019 Version: 1.5.3 - 20190113


oled_phoniebox Based on https://github.com/rm-hull/luma.oled

Tested with this display (affiliate Link): https://amzn.to/2SjPFPt

Start Screen Play View Full Play View Lite Info Screen Pause Screen Play Screen Vol Down Screen Vol Up Screen
Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption

Youtube: German Youtube Video Forum: German Forum

My Phoniebox Project (german only): My Selfmade Phoniebox

Installation Steps

Installation I2C

Please follow these Instructions: https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruits-raspberry-pi-lesson-4-gpio-setup/configuring-i2c

Deactivate Buttons

It is possible, that the Display uses the same GPIO like the Shut-Command of the jukebox4kids. In this case, you should edit the file gpio-buttons.py like this

sed -i -e "s:shut = Button(3, hold_time=2):#shut = Button(3, hold_time=2):g" ~/RPi-Jukebox-RFID/scripts/gpio-buttons.py

Service Installation

Please notice: This installer will install in the home-Directory of the user pi in the subfolder oled_phoniebox. If you try to rename or move this folder, the service stops working. Run the following code with the user pi:

cd; rm o4p_installer.sh; wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/splitti/oled_phoniebox/master/scripts/install/o4p_installer.sh; chmod +x o4p_installer.sh; ./o4p_installer.sh

Contrast Control

You can add Contrast Control while editing the ~/RPi-Jukebox-RFID/scripts/gpio-buttons.py. You can find an example here: https://github.com/splitti/oled_phoniebox/tree/master/scripts/gpio-buttons Add a Button press and start these commands:

python3 ../oled_phoniebox/scripts/contrast/contrast_up.py python3 ../oled_phoniebox/scripts/contrast/contrast_down.py

Just another Feature

Press Prev- and Next-Button together for two or more seconds, and you get some Version about your WiFi and the installed oled_phoniebox-Version.

Spend me a coffee



How can i switch between lite or full version?

  • Press and hold Next and Prev together for 2 seconds or more. The Information Screens will be displayed. Press and hold Next and Prev again for 2 seconds and the mode will be changed.

How should i update the oled_phoniebox?

  • This time, the only way is to run the installer again, because there are different changes in the file-system. git pull does not work here!

Thank you

Contributors and Testers:


Image (music.png):

Images (cardhand and musiccard) based on:



  • 13.01.2019 - Version 1.5.3 - 20190113
    • Bugfix:
      • Wifi
      • Button Replacement
    • Features:
      • New updated Scrolling (Letter Scrolling)
      • Wifi gets a new view
  • 11.01.2019 - Version 1.3.6
    • Bugfixing
    • Code optimized
    • Lite and Full Display Version (like parent and kids-mode)
    • Contrast-Control Installation
    • I2C Installation
    • New Button Control Installation
    • Special Button Hint: Press Prev + Next for more then two seconds and you get some informations...
  • 10.01.2019
    • New One Line Setup
    • Removed Luma Examples; Function integrated
  • 09.01.2019
    • Bugfixing WLAN
    • Contrast Control Tutorial with GPIO-Button-Control
  • 05.01.2019
    • Contrast Control added
  • 04.01.2019
    • WiFi-Signal
    • Monospaced Font
    • New Track View
    • Play bar 0 - 100%
  • 01.01.2019
    • Shutdown Image
  • 30.12.2018
    • Added Text scrolling
    • Added Tracknr.
    • New Screens optimized
  • 29.12.2018
    • Python 3 Support
    • New Screens
    • Setup Bugfixes