After update to 1.2.0-pl all images disappeared #110

Neon4eg opened this Issue Jun 8, 2011 · 8 comments

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Albums are fine, all images are present, but not displayed in manager and in site frontend
Looks like phpthumb is not working


Same problem here. I had to change the value of gallery.files_url to files/ to get phpthumb working.

MODx 2.1.1, Gallery 1.2.0-pl


Same issue here. Connector.php returns this {"success":false,"message":"Access denied.","total":0,"data":[],"object":[]}
I'm using MODx 2.1.1 and Gallery 1.2.0-pl


Same issue here with 2.0.8pl. Any known workarounds?


MODx 2.0.8 pl, Gallery 1.2.0-pl and the same issue here.


is it possible to go back to a previous version somehow?


I can't replicate this at all, guys. Tried with Gallery 1.2.0-pl and Revo 2.0.8, 2.1.0, and 2.1.1; no problems.


Update to 1.2.1 resolves the issue...


Yes, in 1.2.1 the problem is gone. Since it was problem with relative/absolute path, I think it was fixed by 4953a6e#L2R62 (auto-prepend base path if not a URL).

Thanks :)

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