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modExtra is a base Extra template that is useful when wanting to create a new Extra for MODx Revolution. One can git archive from this repository to start with all the file structure for beginning MODx Extra development pre-setup.

How to Export

First, clone this repository somewhere on your development machine:

git clone ./

Then, create the target directory where you want to create the file.

Then, navigate to the directory modExtra is now in, and do this:

git archive HEAD | (cd /path/where/I/want/my/new/repo/ && tar -xvf -)

(Windows users can just do git archive HEAD and extract the tar file to wherever they want.)

Then you can git init or whatever in that directory, and your files will be located there!


Now, you'll want to change references to modExtra in the files in your new copied-from-modExtra repo to whatever name of your new Extra will be. Once you've done that, you can create some System Settings:

  • 'mynamespace.core_path' - Point to /path/to/my/extra/core/components/extra/
  • 'mynamespace.assets_url' - /path/to/my/extra/assets/components/extra/

Then clear the cache. This will tell the Extra to look for the files located in these directories, allowing you to develop outside of the MODx webroot!


Note that if you git archive from this repository, you may not need all of its functionality. This Extra contains files and the setup to do the following:

  • Integrates a custom table of "Items"
  • A snippet listing Items sorted by name and templated with a chunk
  • A custom manager page to manage Items on

If you do not require all of this functionality, simply remove it and change the appropriate code.

Also, you'll want to change all the references of 'modExtra' to whatever the name of your component is.

Copyright Information

modExtra is distributed as GPL (as MODx Revolution is), but the copyright owner (Shaun McCormick) grants all users of modExtra the ability to modify, distribute and use modExtra in MODx development as they see fit, as long as attribution is given somewhere in the distributed source of all derivative works.


A base MODx Extra template to begin development on.



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