Tool for automatic caching of Maya scenes using Alembic. QT GUI.
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NOTE: This tool is no longer developed or supported.

ABC Convert is a pipeline tool written for the BYU Center for Animation It is currently unfinished. Programmer: Murphy Randle, 2012 :

This tool requires Autodesk Maya 2012 to be installed and located in $PATH. Also, the ABCImport and ABCExport plugins must be compiled and installed into Maya.

This plugin can be found here:

This tool also requires Python 2.6

Some notes

I used QT & Pyside for the interface, and in order to not block the UI while running the heavy conversion process, the controller spawns a process in a new thread.

The conversion process writes all of its information to a local Sqlite3 database, and the UI checks that database regularly for updated information. When no scenes are being converted, the UI stops checking the DB.

If the user deletes the DB file, a new DB file with all of the correct fields will be set up automatically.


-> Currently, the database is accessed in two ways, through QT's built-in methods, and through the python Sqlite3 library. Unify this in the controller so that only one DB access method is used.