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-# Newton FAQ
+# About the Newton FAQ
The Newton FAQ is a community resource of commonly asked questions related to the Apple Newton platform.
-Due to a lack of time on the part of the current maintainer, it has been in stasis since 2003. However, that is all about to change. Stay tuned for a reinvigorated Newton FAQ to thrive at this new location.
+## The Backstory
+First published in 1999, the Newton FAQ was a project led by [Steve Weyer](, Peter Rand, [Sean Luke](, and [Paul Guyot]( It was updated and posted to various websites and newsgroups on a monthly schedule. The last edition of the Newton FAQ was published in March 2003, shortly after [Daniel Padilla]( handed the reins over to [Grant Hutchinson]( Grant worked on compiling and editing a significant number of updates, hoping to release a revised FAQ in November 2003. Unfortunately, that never happened.
+As the years passed, updates from the community slowed down, Victor Rehorst’s [WikiWikiNewt]( had become the de facto resource for Newton related answers, and severe linkrot had settled in across the network of Newton sites.
+In late 2009, [Tony Kan]( began going through the FAQ and submitting updates again. However, without a solid publishing plan in place, those updates never saw the light of day.
+However, that is all about to change.
+The Newton community can look now forward to a reinvigorated Newton FAQ thriving at its new home on GitHub.
+With all this in mind, the current state of the Newton FAQ still leaves a lot to be desired. It will be undergoing intense review and editing over the next several months. Basically, don’t expect a fresh release any time soon.
+At least it has a better future.
+## Why GitHub?
+GitHub is a simple way to host, share, and apply the “peace of mind” of version control to all sorts of code. Since the Newton FAQ is written in HTML and will (theoretically) go through hundreds of changes, updates, and iterations over time - GitHub seemed like a perfect place to maintain it.

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