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Splorp for Tersus

An achingly simple child theme for Tersus.


Tersus is an exercise in publishing template minimalism.

By removing the majority of the presentational markup and other cruft from the Tersus parent theme, we’ve opened the door for child themes to pick up the aesthetic slack. There are currently three child themes being developed for Tersus.

Keep track of Tersus development on Twitter.


  • HTML5 structure and compliance
  • CSS that has been reset and built from the ground up
  • Non-semantic, presentational markup has been dispatched
  • Built-in theme options for navigation, sidebar, footer, and announcement text
  • Responsive, adaptive layout for small screens
  • Clean, valid, and awesome


  • WordPress 4.1 or later
  • Tersus parent theme


See the main Tersus project for a current list of credits and attributions.


This child theme is absolutely free and conveniently licensed under GPL. You may use it for personal or commercial projects, as you see fit. Refer to the license.txt file included with the source for more information.

See the main Tersus project for related third party licensing information.

Version History


  • Bumped Tersus template version to 0.4.0


  • Replaced deprecated get_theme_data() function with wp_get_theme()
  • Fixed display of span elements containing vevent summary values
  • Removed vendor prefixes from border-radius property
  • Removed float alignment declarations now defined by parent theme
  • Added basic styles for navigation menu and footer links
  • Added basic styles for post and page navigation
  • Modified navigation link delimiters
  • Styled the “Cancel Reply” link
  • Reinstated default comment form selectors
  • Updated button styles on form actions
  • Updated form field width and color for consistency
  • Reduced font size for small screens
  • Converted some leftover px to em
  • Fixed responsive image scaling
  • Moved theme CSS into style subdirectory
  • Added Template Version to theme file header
  • Embiggened theme screenshot to support HiDPI displays
  • Added support for the proliferation of various iOS and Windows 8 iconography
  • Replaced the rather free spirited theme tags with official WordPress tags


  • Fixed announcement section margin
  • Fixed iPad media query breakpoint
  • Changed iPad aside layout to a single column
  • Collapsed gallery margins
  • Simplified article img selector
  • Added selectors for standard image alignment classes
  • Added function to retrieve child theme information as constants
  • Deprecated subcategory list selectors


  • Initial release based on the final advanced “flavour” from the Tersus theme


An achingly simple child theme for Tersus.




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