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TextExpander Replacement Menu Bar Icons




I’ve been a satisfied customer of SmileOnMyMac’s TextExpander for
years. However, due to my interface persnicketiness I’ve never
really been happy with the selection of icons for the menu item.
They always felt a bit too large in the context of the menubar
and — quite frankly — a bit fuzzy looking.

After creating a revamped set of icons and posting the results to
Dribbble, I decided to make them available to everyone.

This project was subsequently forked by the lovely James Goode,
who added the nifty “Balloon” versions.

There are currently four sets of replacement icons:

+ Minimal Flat (Grant Hutchinson)

This set is the original, minimalist version that I had first
envisioned as a replacement. They have a simple, two dimensional
look with just a slight gradient shading.

+ Minimal Inset (Grant Hutchinson)

This set sports a subtle white “shadow” on the bottom edge,
mimicking the appearance of Apple’s menu extra icons. They use
the same gradient shading as the Minimal Flat version.

+ Balloon Flat (James Goode)

Created as an homage to TextExpander’s venerable balloon logo.
This set tries to match Apple’s menu bar icons as closely as
possible, eschewing the gradient shading found in the Minimal

+ Balloon Inset (James Goode)

Identical to the Balloon Flat set, except for the addition of a
subtle white “shadow” on the bottom edge of the icons.




1) Quit the TextExpander application.

2) Right-click or control-click on the TextExpander application
and select “Show Package Contents”.

3) Open the “Contents” folder.

4) Open the “Resources” folder.

5) Copy the four “TEStatusItem” icon files into the “Resources”
folder. You will be asked if you want to replace each file with a
new one. Click “Replace” for each file.

6) Inside the same “Resources” folder, right-click or
control-click on the “TextExpander Helper” application and select
“Show Package Contents”.

7) Open the “Contents” folder.

8) Open the “Resources” folder.

9) Copy the four “TEStatusItem” icon files into the “Resources”
folder. You will be asked if you want to replace each file with a
new one. Click “Replace” for each file.

10) Relaunch the TextExpander application.

11) Open the TextExpander Preferences window.

12) Under “Appearance” select the updated icon of your choice.

Why are my icons are missing after updating TextExpander?

When the TextExpander application is updated — whether this
occurs automatically within the application, through the Mac App
Store, or via a manual download and reinstallation — any icons
that were replaced will be overwritten by the default files in
the TextExpander package. Simply follow the above steps after the
updating process has completed.




We’re working on this. Honest.




TextExpander Replacement Menu Bar Icons are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


Version History


1.1.1 — The “See Through” Release

+ Fixed the knockout highlight on the balloon variations
+ Added Creative Commons licensing to project

1.1.0 — The “Balloon” Release

+ Added icon set in homage to TextExpander’s balloon logo
+ Added mockup for demonstrating icons in situ

1.0.1 — The “White Shadow” Release

+ Added icon set with a subtle bottom edge highlight
+ Source files now use the sRGB colour space

1.0.0 — The “Finally” Release

+ The first crack at a tidied up, minimalist icon set