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Splunk Event Generator: Eventgen
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Splunk Event Generator (Eventgen)




Splunk Event Generator is a utility that helps users easily build real-time event generators. The current maintainers of this project are Brian Bingham (, Tony Lee (, and Jack Meixensperger (

The goals of this project:

  • Eliminate the need for hand-coded event generators in Splunk apps
  • Allow for portability of event generators between applications and allow templates to be quickly adapted between use cases
  • Allow every type of events or transactions to be modeled inside Eventgen

Downloading a Splunk Eventgen App

Please go to splunkbase-Eventgen


Documentation is hosted at Eventgen Documentation.


Please note


Splunk Event Generator is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. Details can be found in the LICENSE file.


This software is released as-is. Splunk provides no warranty and no support on this software. If you have any issues with the software, please read over the guidelines and file an issue.

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