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@@ -12,8 +12,10 @@ Stuff in this repository are mentioned on a four part blog series.
- [part 3](
- [part 4](
-Released v1.1! (01/10/2012)
-- You can now watch multiple repositories
+Released v1.2! (01/16/2012)
+- You can now watch multiple repositories in semi real-time!
+- Less configuration
+- Faster updating scripts
Getting started
@@ -48,14 +50,16 @@ Getting started
- Goto `<SPLUNK_ROOT>/etc/apps/splunk-app-aplunkgit`
- Edit local/splunkgit.conf with a text editor (`open -e local/splunkgit.conf`) and assign the following values:
- `repo_addresses=` The addresses to the repos, use the read-only address. Ex: `git://`. You can have one or multiple repositories, space separated
- - `user_login_name=` The login name of the repo owner in github. Ex: `splunk`
- - `repo_name=` The name of the github repo. Ex: `splunk-app-splunkgit`
- `user=` Splunk user login so our scripts can search in Splunk
- `password=` Splunk password for the user
-#### Configurating multiple repositories
+#### Configurating multiple repositories in semi real-time
- Edit local/splunkgit.conf and assign `repo_addresses=` with multiple repositories by separating the repositories with a space. Ex: `repo_address=git:// git:// git://`
+- Copy default/inputs.conf to the local directory
+- Set the interval value of the script to a low value. Ex: 20
+The git repositores will now be updated each 20 seconds. The views in multiple repositories dashboard will be updated whenever there's more data.
### Changing repository
- Make sure splunk is not running

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