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Splunk SDK for PHP Changelog

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* No bugs found during beta period.

1.0.1 (release)

  • The Job class has been updated for use with Splunk 6. >>>>>>> release/1.0.1

0.8.0 (beta)

  • The Entity::reload method has been renamed to refresh.
  • Added convenience methods to Service:
    • search
    • oneshotSearch

0.1.1 (preview)

  • Improve HTTPS reliability in PHP 5.2.11 - 5.3.6.
    • Streaming support for large result sets is no longer available for this range of PHP versions. Please upgrade to PHP 5.3.7+ if you require this.

0.1.0 (preview)

  • Initial PHP SDK release
    • Run search jobs and extract data
    • Manage search jobs
    • Log events to indexes
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