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### Support
-1. You will be granted support if you or your company are already covered under an existing maintenance/support agreement. Send an email to and please include the SDK you are referring to in the subject.
-2. If you are not covered under an existing maintenance/support agreement you can find help through the broader community at:
-<br>Splunk answers - Specific tags (SDK, java, python, javascript) are available to identify your questions
-<br>Splunk dev google group -
-3. Splunk will NOT provide support for SDKs if the core library (this is the code in the Splunk directory) has been modified. If you modify an SDK and want support, you can find help through the broader community and Splunk answers (see above). We also want to know about why you modified the core library. You can send feedback to:
+* SDKs in Preview will not be Splunk supported. Once the PHP SDK moves to an Open Beta we will provide more detail on support.
+* Issues should be filed here: [](
### Contact Us
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