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The Splunk Web Framework Toolkit
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The Splunk Web Framework Toolkit

Version 1.1

The Splunk Web Framework Toolkit is a resource to help developers learn how to build rich applications using the Splunk Web Framework. This app contains a collection of examples that show you how to use the components of the Web Framework. You will find documentation and reference information, along with code templates and additional components that you can use within your own Splunk Apps.

Getting Started

This section provides information about installing and using the Web Framework Toolkit.


Here are the Web Framework Toolkit requirements for this release:

  • Operating System: Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X.
  • Web browsers: Latest versions of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 or later.
  • The Splunk Web Framework: The Web Framework is included in Splunk Enterprise 6 and is available for Splunk Enterprise 5 from the Splunk Developer Portal.

Installing the Web Framework Toolkit

The Web Framework Toolkit is built as a Splunk App, enabling interactive examples running within an instance of Splunk Enterprise 5 or 6.

Installing from Splunk Web

If you downloaded the Web Framework Toolkit from Splunk Apps, you can install the toolkit within Splunk Web.

Installing from a ZIP Source File
  1. Download and unzip the Web Framework Toolkit or clone the repository from GitHub.
  2. Copy the /splunk_wftoolkit subdirectory into $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/.
  3. Restart Splunk.
  4. In Splunk Web, navigate to the Web Framework Toolkit (http://localhost:8000/dj/splunk_wftoolkit).

Documentation and resources

When you need to know more:


Stay connected with other developers building on Splunk.

Twitter @splunkdev

How to contribute

If you would like to contribute to the framework, go here for more information:


This version of the Splunk Web Framework Toolkit is officially supported by the Splunk Support Team.

Please feel free to open issues and provide feedback either through GitHub Issues or by contacting the team directly.

Contact Us

You can reach the Developer Platform team at


The Splunk Web Framework is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. Details can be found in the LICENSE file.

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