Build tool for spm.
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spm-build (Deprecated, please use spm-sea for cmd and spm-webpack for standalone)

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Build tool for spm3. If you're still using spm2, go branch spm2.


$ npm install spm-build -g


$ spm-build [option] [file]


  • -I, --input-directory <dir>, input directory, default: current working directory
  • -O, --output-directory <dir>, output directory, default: dist
  • -o, --output-file <file>, output file
  • -f, --force, force to clean dest directory first
  • -r, --registry <url>, registry url of yuan server
  • -s, --standalone, standalone version
  • --sea <sea>, file include mode with seajs, optional: self, relative, all
  • --umd [umd], UMD-wrapped version with given global name
  • --global <global>, replace package name to global variable, format jquery:$,underscore:_
  • --ignore <ignore>, determine which id will not be transported
  • --skip <skip>, determine which id will not be parsed when analyse
  • --include <include>, Deprecated. use --sea, --standalone and --umd instead
  • --idleading [idleading], prefix of module name, default: {{name}}/{{version}}
  • --with-deps, build package in dependencies
  • --zip, archive by zip
  • --verbose, show more logging
  • --no-color, disable colorful print
  • --no-install, disable install


Copyright (c) 2014-2114 chencheng. Licensed under the MIT license.