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Static Package Manager

This is a total rewrite of spm, it is still on heavy development. You should use the old spm right now.


We have a regular release schedule:

  1. monthly release for big features or API changes
  2. weekly(maybe longer) release for small features and bug fix
  3. daily(maybe days) release in ninja channel

Stable Channel

Get the latest stable spm with:

$ npm install spm -g

Ninja Channel

Get the latest spm in ninja channel with:

$ npm install spm@ninja -g

Use ninja release at your own risk. This branch may contain experimental features, and it may break your heart.


This is the main spm repository. It is the interface of spm.

However, some functional parts are in other repositories:

If you have any problem about build, you should open an issue at grunt-spm-build.


Yes, please do contribute. But before this, you should read our Contributing Guide.

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