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Requires: Node.js 4+

The purpose of this project is to make getting started with the competition both easy and clean. Using gulp and rollup, this repo offers the following features:

  • Support for ES2015 modules
  • JavaScript minification via Uglify
  • Sourcemaps and livereload support for development
  • Inlining for all CSS and JavaScript assets (single index.min.html output)
  • Zip packaging of the inlined output for final competition submission

Current output zip size: 639 bytes

Getting started

  • Install dependencies
npm install -g gulp node-static
npm install
  • Kick off a build
  • Start a static server
gulp watch

How the build pipeline works

JavaScript step

  1. Rollup reads the dependency tree and outputs dist/main.js w/ sourcemaps support
  2. Uglify minifies the previous file and outputs dist/main.min.js

CSS step

  1. All css files are concatenated and output to dist/main.css

Template step

  1. index.hbs is output into two separate files: dist/index.html and dist/index.min.html. The former is used for development. The latter has all the necessary scripts and styles are inlined into a single deliverable used for later packaging.

Zip step

  1. The index.min.html is compressed into a single that can be used for competition submission.


I've included some components that I use in almost all of my web applications (including games). Since rollup utilizes 'tree-shaking', these components won't be included in the final builds if you never import them yourself.

  • Emitter

This class is a common abstraction used to implement the pub/sub pattern (on/off/emit).

import Emitter from './classes/emitter.js';

var emitter = new Emitter();

// Bind event handler to a given event
emitter.on( 'boom', function() { console.log('it went boom!') } );

// Emit that event
emitter.emit('boom'); // 'it went boom!'
  • BaseClass

This class gives a simple interface for using the classical inheritance patterns in JavaScript. BaseClass subclasses the Emitter and will automatically call an init() method during construction if it exists on the prototype.

import BaseClass from './classes/base.js';

var Dude = BaseClass.extend({

  init: function() {
    console.log('im alive!');


var dude = new Dude(); //'im alive!'

// BaseClass instances inherit from EventEmitter
dude.on( 'death', function() { console.log('im dead!') });
dude.emit('death'); // 'im dead!'


js13kgames competition template powered by gulp and rollup.js




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