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My jekyll-powered site's source code.

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README.mkd Jekyll Source Files

This repository hosts the files needed to generate the site. Feel free to use it for reference.

Additional Ruby Gems

Simply issue the command

gem install <name of gem>

to install the necessary Ruby gems for this site:

  • jekyll_ext

If you encounter errors, look in the messages to see if there are any missing gems.

Arch Linux - Installing Pygments

For whatever reason, easy_install is not available on Arch Linux, my primary OS. To install Pygments on Arch Linux, which is needed to enable syntax highlighting, first install python2-pip.

pacman -S python2-pip

Then install Pygments

pip install Pygments


A Rakefile tells ruby what to do. My Rakefile has tasks for cleaning up the site output, for generating a new post, among other things.

Available Tasks

rake deploy

This is a command that uses s3cmd to sync the jekyll-generated pages with Amazon S3.

rake clean

This deletes all the files in _site.

rake write["Title of post"]

This creates a new post in _posts.


Thanks to these people for the resources they provided:


Content in _posts is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

The site HTML/CSS, stuff under _layouts, _includes, etc. are free for you to use. I'd really appreciate a link back to Kismetik, but it's not a super must.

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