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Latest commit a231826 Aug 22, 2008 @spocke Fixed bug where the entity encoding plugin wasn't working correctly.
Fixed bug where the emoticons would not get converted from images properly on IE.
Fixed bug where IE would produce an error exception if you pressed the source button while having a image selected.
Fixed bug where Safari would fail if you inserted an image and switched to source mode.
Fixed bug where backspace produced odd results when the forceblocks plugin was enabled.
Fixed bug where the emoticons plugin was bleeding out an h variable in the global scope.
Fixed so all classes are namespaced with the mce prefix to avoid collisions.
Renamed DOM property of the editor to dom to be more consistent with TinyMCE (might break thirdparty plugins).

git-svn-id: bac5f1eb-4f33-0410-b5f2-5fb0db2f108a