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Spock Framework Example Project

The purpose of this project is to help you get started with Spock. The project includes several example specifications and build scripts for Gradle and Maven. It also makes it easy to create an Eclipse or IDEA project, allowing you to run the example specs from within your IDE.

All builds (Gradle and Maven) will automatically download all required dependencies, compile the project, and finally run the example specs. The Gradle build goes one step further by bootstrapping itself, alleviating the need to have a build tool preinstalled.


  • JDK 8 or higher

  • Maven use mvnw wrapper

  • Gradle use gradlew wrapper

This example shows the usage of Spock 2.0, which uses the JUnit Platform. If you want to see how to get Spock 1.x with JUnit 4 up and running see the Spock-1.x Branch.

Building with Gradle


./gradlew clean test

Downloaded files (including the Gradle distribution itself) will be stored in the Gradle user home directory (typically user_home/.gradle).

Building with Maven


./mvnw clean test

Downloaded files will be stored in the local Maven repository (typically user_home/.m2/repository).

Creating an Eclipse project

Install the Buildship plugin if you want to use gradle as build tool.

Creating an IDEA project

Just open the project directory with Intelli IDEA and it should auto-detect the project settings.

Further Resources

If you have any comments or questions, please direct them to the Spock discussion group. We appreciate all feedback!

Happy spec’ing!

The Spock Framework Team