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info.plist corrupt #1

andrewwebb opened this Issue March 30, 2011 · 4 comments

2 participants

Andrew Webb Alessandro Vermeulen
Andrew Webb

Attempting to install the included tmbundle gives an error which says something about the info.plist not existing or being corrupt.

Obviously it is there, so maybe it is corrupt.

Alessandro Vermeulen

Do you have the Haskell bundle I'm referring to installed in /Library or in your personal library?

Which versions do you have? OS x / textmate?

Alessandro Vermeulen spockz closed this April 06, 2011
Alessandro Vermeulen spockz reopened this April 06, 2011
Andrew Webb

The bundle is installed in /Library/Application Support/...

I am using Version 1.5.10 (1631) of TextMate, on 10.6.7.

Hope that helps.

Alessandro Vermeulen

I have this bundle in /Library/Application Support/:

The bundle from this repo is in ~/Library/Application Support/.

Does that fix your problem?

Andrew Webb

No, but I probably have something wrong with my textmate set up; I have played around with different bundles and plugins a lot.

Andrew Webb andrewwebb closed this April 13, 2011
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