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README For Spockz' CodeIgniter Libraries
:author: Alessandro Vermeulen

NOTE: See the LICENCE file for the licence.

NOTE: This is a manual export of the SVN tree to github. It could happen that I
      forget something. Please don't get mad and report an issue. I'll fix it as
      soon as possible. :)


1. Export or clone the library to 'APPPATH/libraries/Spockz'
2. Export or clone the helpers to 'APPPATH/helpers/Spockz'
3. Create a new config file 'spockz.php' or copy the one in the repository.

The 'Spockz/Session/Driver/Doctrine.php' library has a dependency on Doctrine.
However, it does not load it or something. It assumes (but checks) whether there
is a `Spockz_Session_Model' class and when it exists it will load and function
properly. Otherwise you'll get an assertion error. It also assumes that you have
setup Doctrine correctly and everything. :)

Currently not every library is as stable as they should be. And they are mostly
specific to my situation. So you could find yourself in the situation that a
library will not work for you. The ones that work, or should work, are:

* Spockz_Cache
* Spockz_Session
* Spockz_OpenID




In my very big messy SVN tree there are some tests / controllers flying around
that I used to test my libraries. These controllers can be found here: and
their corresponding views here:

Currently there are no UNIT or other tests available to test my libraries. And
at the moment I do not deem it likely that I will create them in the near
future. In case you like me to help with the unit tests, you're welcome and I'd
be glad to be of assistance. :)