The repository for the popular UtopiaPimp game addon.
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The repository for the popular UtopiaPimp game addon.

This is the initial release of UtopiaPimp.

All database information has been scrubbed, so you are required to start from scratch when building the project.

All proper information still resides in the database, except for user information.

Please feel free to ask questions and contribute as this repository is ACTIVE and will remain such forever.

Do not redeploy on other sites besides

This code is not redributable, rather just here to help push Pimp forward with lots of hands doing light lifting.

Code base if very old, so expect it to be fully working, but poorly written. Feel free to ask questions where needed.

Upon logging in, you will need to give your new user full Admin rights. Please view the spoiledtechie user to understand which rights are required.