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Voice development platform that enables customized voice navigation for mobile and browser applications


  1. Spokestack is a library that allows a user to easily incorporate a voice interface into any Python application with a focus on embedded systems.

    Python 128 11

  2. Spokestack: give your React Native app a voice interface!

    TypeScript 43 9

  3. Extensible Android mobile voice framework: wakeword, ASR, NLU, and TTS. Easily add voice to any Android app!

    Java 51 3

  4. Spokestack: give your iOS app a voice interface!

    Swift 26 7

  5. A set of tools for integration with the Spokestack API in Node.js

    TypeScript 9

  6. React Native component for adding Spokestack to a React Native app

    TypeScript 8


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