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SquareQuote for iOS
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SquareQuote for iOS

SquareQuote for iOS is an iPhone app for creating and sharing beautiful quotes in a visual format. You can download SquareQuote free on the App Store.

Why is this open source?

This was the first iPhone app I worked on. As a result, the code quality is less than ideal. If I went back and re-wrote the whole app, I would do a number of things differently. Nonetheless, I felt there was value in contributing this to the open source community. I've gained so much from the open source Objective-C community. Having reference projects to see how other people build things has been my primary form of learning the language, the frameworks and the design patterns associated with iOS development. Resources like Cocoa Controls have been monumental in helping me learn iOS development quickly. You'll notice as you browse through the SquareQuote source code that I'm using a number of open source controls and third-party libraries. Building SquareQuote as it exists today wouldn't have been possible without all the great work other developers have done. I hope SquareQuote, too, can serve as a source of sample code for other iOS developers to learn from. If you download the app and play with it, you might be interested in how we built out some particular feature. Now with the code open source, you can check out the implementation for yourself. Maybe there are some ideas (or even whole chunks of code!) you can re-use in your own app.


SquareQuote is released under the MIT License. Feel free to re-use any and all parts of the source code as you see fit.


I had the opportunity to work with a great team in building this product.

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