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web-based keyboard-only distributed editor
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Envi is Not VI

envi is like if vim had a children with dwm at a party organised by mosaic. envi is a web-based vi-like editor with a tiled dynamic buffer management layout. envi is also able to stream edits to an envi-stream server and enables its user to subscribe to each others edit streams in real time.

Core Principles

envi is a web-based collaborative editor built with the following 4 principles in mind:

  • efficiency : no mouse. vi edition. dwm buffer management. what else?
  • open-source : envi local server as well as stream servers are entirely opensource
  • collaborative : you can see what your team mates are working on in real time (read-only)


  • envi-srv : a server to serve the editor and files locally (listening to
  • envi-stream : a streaming server for WLAN edits streams (one per organization or the public ones)
  • envi : an executable letting you open local files in your browser directly from the command-line


envi is based on:

  • ACE (with a whole new vi key binding)
  • nodeJS
  • socket.IO (for read-only edit streams)

Getting Started

$ git clone git://
$ cd envi/srv
$ npm install
$ node app.js
# Go to
# ctrl+shift+enter to open a new editor
# :e FILENAME to open a file

Get Involved

IRC ChanneL: #envi (freenode)


  • @spolu (Stanislas Polu)
  • @AdrienGiboire (Adrien)
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