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GoodSign CLI documentation

GoodSign CLI client for quickly getting up and running with the GoodSign eSignatue API.

This CLI client can register a new account and send a document off for signing in about 2 minutes!

What the API client does

We've made things simple.

Send an templated document

  1. Register a new account all within the terminal (or login)
  2. Automatically create a template document that you can trigger for signing.
  3. Trigger a CURL request with details about the signers from the command line.

Upload and send a PDF document with markup

You can also get started with our PDF API. This API allows you to upload a PDF with special text tags contained in the document that tells us where the signing or input fields should be automatically placed. eg sign here field [sign|signer1] or a enter text [input|signer| Your Phone Number ]

  1. Client will download our quick start PDF with some text tags
  2. Configure the signer (default is you)
  3. Generate a working curl command to upload this PDF and send it to a signer.

Other Commands

  • send a reminder to a sender
  • void a document
  • send a webhook (coming soon)

How to contribute.

I'm happy to receive pull requests from your fork. Get in touch via using john then_the_at_symbol if there is something you want to add.

I'm trying to keep the GoodSign CLI client simple – so new users can figure out the API pretty quicly.

There might be an option to build an advanced version of this client which includes everything.

Installing the source code (for editing)

Clone repository into a new folder and run the composer command below. This tool is built on All the source code is PHP.

install dependencies

composer install

Smaller build Sizes

run this command composer install --no-dev


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