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Who I am?

Hi, I'm Vikrant. I test open source projects for security issues, fix bugs and working on some security related projects.

Why sponsor me?

  • I protect the code from malicious actors. I might have helped you directly or indirectly. Please consider donating if you believe my work has helped you stay safe.
@main def donate() = println("Thank You! <3")

It will help me stay motivated to write more security oriented tools and continue finding vulnerabilities in the open source software.

Featured work

  1. laravel/framework

    The Laravel Framework.

  2. disclose/diodb

    Open-source vulnerability disclosure and bug bounty program database

    Python 953
  3. 0xcrypto/purge

    Public OSINT data

  4. 0xcrypto/whack

    Automagically generated wordlists

    Makefile 7
  5. 0xcrypto/takeover

    A script to test for subdomain takeovers from a list of domains

    Python 12
  6. 0xcrypto/mutant-cure

    A deobfuscator for mutant language

    Go 4

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