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Hello World!

I'm a Software Engineer working on UI Design, App Development, Neural networks, and Deep Machine Learning Research.

As an outgoing & motivated person with unlimited creativity, studying within a great IT environment. Eager to work in a large and professional MNC in Design and Programming related industry in the future.


I'll be able to cover some costs if you sponsor me :) I will: Share more open source files and resources. Share my design idea @Github

Featured work

  1. 1998code/iOS16-Live-Activities

    SwiftPizza App for Apple ActivityKit & WidgetKit & Dynamic Island.

    Swift 275
  2. 1998code/SwiftUI2-MacSidebar

    Build a macOS Application with easy sidebar in SwiftUI 2.

    Swift 59
  3. 1998code/SwiftNEWKit

    Show "What's New" with SwiftUI.

    Swift 49
  4. 1998code/Core-Font

    Open Source Font Project.

  5. 1998code/DALLE-2-App

    DALLE 2 on Next.js

    JavaScript 53
  6. 1998code/SwiftUI2-CloudKit-SignInWithApple

    CloudKit and Sign in wth Apple for SwiftUI App Life Cycle (2020).

    Swift 19

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