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Thank you for considering becoming a sponsor of Atmosphere's opensource work. The Atmosphere project, lead by Jeanfrancois Arcand is alive for the last 12 years and will continue for many may years!!

Hopefully you're here because you've found Atmosphere, Nettosphere and all its extensions useful, or one of Jeanfrancois Arcand other OSS projects useful in your role as a Java and Javascript developer.

By sponsoring the Atmosphere Project you'll motivate Jeanfrancois Arcand and other Atmosphere developers to carry on developing these wonderful projects.

Thank you for supporting Atmosphere, it is highly appreciated!

1 sponsor has funded Atmosphere’s work.


Introduce native support for the last version of SpringBoot and Quarkus, and add native Reacts support to atmosphere.js.


Featured work

  1. Atmosphere/atmosphere

    Event Driven WebSockets Framework with Cross-Browser Fallbacks

    Java 3,674
  2. Atmosphere/nettosphere

    A Java WebSocket/HTTP server based on the Atmosphere and Netty Framework

    Java 321
  3. Atmosphere/atmosphere-samples

    Atmosphere's samples.

    JavaScript 197
  4. JavaScript 120
  5. Atmosphere/atmosphere-extensions

    All Atmosphere's Extensions and Plugin

    Java 75
  6. Atmosphere/atmosphere-vertx

    Atmosphere for Vert.x

    Java 41

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