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Warsaw, Poland

Hey there! I'm Silent, or CookiePLMonster since the former is usually too generic. At day I port games for a living, and at night I mostly work on modifications or unofficial patches for games, but nowadays also contribute to other projects whenever possible.

If you want to know more, stop by the About page on my blog!

My work

What am I currently up to?

  • I am semi-regularly releasing new SilentPatches, unofficial modifications for games fixing bugs. The most prominent SilentPatches target older Grand Theft Auto games, but I have also patched several other games, as seen on my mods page.
  • Sometimes I also work on other mods for Grand Theft Auto games.
  • I occasionally contribute to several console emulators, eg. RPCS3 and Xenia.

What will sponsorship funds go for?

  • Any hardware/devices I may need to work on a specific project (eg. gamepads)
  • Motivation - any amount of money allows me to spend more time on side hobby projects like those

What will sponsorship funds NOT go for?

  • Requests - with limited time I cannot guarantee to fulfill requests, even if you're a sponsor. That said, feel free to suggest things - chances are I may get interested and spend time on it!

4 sponsors are funding CookiePLMonster’s work.


I have to set a goal, so here it is! I appreciate the support regardless of how many people do it, but 5 sponsors sounds like a nice goal to look forward to. Cheers!


Featured work

  1. CookiePLMonster/SilentPatchBully

    SilentPatch for Bully: Scholarship Edition (fixes crashes on Windows 10)

    C++ 189
  2. CookiePLMonster/SilentPatchFarCry

    SilentPatch for Far Cry (fixes water reflections not working on modern systems)

    C++ 65
  3. CookiePLMonster/SilentPatchGF

    SilentPatch for The Godfather: The Game (fixes startup crash on Windows 10)

    C++ 50
  4. CookiePLMonster/UptimeFaker

    Generic Windows library designed to help detecting issues related to high PC uptime

    C++ 42
  5. CookiePLMonster/VBdec

    VB codec for Miles Sound System used in GTA III and GTA Vice City

  6. CookiePLMonster/SilentPatchScarface

    SilentPatch for Scarface: The World is Yours

    C++ 38

80% towards 5 sponsors goal

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$2 a month



Thank you! Your support keeps me motivated :)


  • ​A monthly status update, where I list everything I've done the past month & sometimes include plans for the upcoming month
  • Gratitude

$5 a month


Pack of cookies

Nice one! I'll include your name in ReadMe files for my future mod and/or tool releases (subject for moderation).

Includes benefits from lower tiers, plus:

  • Your name in credits for future releases

$8 a month


Box of cookies

Wow! Looks like you care - a lot. I'll give you access to my private to-do list where I keep track of pretty much all my current and planned work, which includes modding, patching, testing and other developments.

Includes benefits from lower tiers, plus:

  • Access to my to-do list - commenting or voting is not possible at this point yet, but if you want to suggest changes feel free to reach out via any other means!