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Become a sponsor to CookiePLMonster

Hey there! I'm Silent, or CookiePLMonster since the former is usually too generic. At day I port games for a living, and at night I mostly work on modifications or unofficial patches for games, but nowadays also contribute to other projects whenever possible.

What will sponsorship funds go for?

  • Any hardware/devices I may need to work on a specific project (eg. gamepads)
  • Motivation - any amount of money allows me to spend more time on side hobby projects like those

What will sponsorship funds NOT go for?

  • Requests - with limited time I cannot guarantee to fulfill requests, even if you're a sponsor. That said, feel free to suggest things - chances are I may get interested and spend time on it!

Popular projects

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$2 a month



Thank you! Your support keeps me motivated :)


  • Gratitude

$5 a month


Pack of cookies

Nice one! I'll include your name in ReadMe's for my future mod and/or tool releases (subject for moderation).


  • Your name in credits for future releases
  • Gratitude
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