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I'm Daniel, I'm the developer of a T-Regx library for regular expressions, that makes PHP regexp functions more friendly, and additionally puts a nice abstraction layer with all the good features.

T-Regx was written with Clean Code and Simple Design in mind and it takes a lot of work to keep it that way, not to let it rot :) First commit of T-Regx was almost 3 years now. There wasn't a feature in the library that I hadn't thought for the 10th time over (e.g. in a bus, or a coffee shop waiting for my girlfriend;).

If you find lowering the entropy of PHP messy functions valuable, maybe get me a cup of coffee, so I can continue to come up with T-Regx ideas on.

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$1 a month


I will include a link to your page/repository in

$2 a month


I will ping you in Issues about new features, and keep your choice in mind when designing the library, should you wish :)

$4 a month


I will create a fork of your repository that uses T-Regx, and create a Pull Request that updates T-Regx to the newest versions, each time a new release is up.

$5 a month


I will write the most extensive documentation about a T-Regx feature of your choice (once every 1-2 months).

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