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I work on LaTeX (also please consider sponsoring the Team via TUG),
dpctex, notably colortbl
and other packages including ho-tex, bidi, rf-tex

I wrote and maintain the online TeX server used at and several TeX forums.

Editor for MathML and have several MathML projects on Github.

I am an Editor of OpenMath.

2 sponsors are funding davidcarlisle’s work.


Featured work

  1. latex3/latex2e

    The LaTeX2e kernel

  2. davidcarlisle/dpctex

    Assorted TeX packages

    TeX 72
  3. latex3/hyperref

    Hypertext support for LaTeX

    TeX 111
  4. latex3/graphics-def

    driver option files for color and graphics

    Lua 8
  5. w3c/xml-entities

    Source for

    XSLT 7

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