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Hi! I'm Emzi, and I'm a future engineer, currently doing undergrad studies in the Telecommunications field. I'm an experienced software developer, with a modicum of professional experience under my belt.

I make variety of things, in variety of different languages. My focus is web-based services, however, I'm also capable of making consumer desktop software.

I do all this in my spare time, and anything I can get typically goes towards keeping the lights on, or making sure my working environment is up to the task of managing my cloud empire.

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Featured work

  1. DSharpPlus/DSharpPlus

    A .NET library for making bots using the Discord API.

  2. Emzi0767/SlimGet

    Slim, lightweight, Docker-friendly implementation of a NuGet and symbol server, using ASP.NET Core

    C# 37
  3. Emzi0767/Discord-Companion-Cube-Bot

    Companion Cube bot for Discord. Features tags, eval, music, RNG, etc.

  4. Emzi0767/RosettaCTF

    Simple tool for running CTF events, built on ASP.NET Core, and compatible with CTFtime

    C# 6

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$1 a month


Help keep the lights on. Anything to pay the servers and domains helps.

$5 a month


Help me expand. With more money, I can expand my empire, and upgrade my infrastructure.


$10 a month


Help with long-term upgrades. In addition to helping me keep my services up, this will help me upgrade my workstation, and other hardware.

I appreciate this!

$25 a month


I will be able to expand and upgrade much faster. My projects will benefit too, since it will most likely mean much faster development, especially if I can set up proper testing and staging environments.

It's great help and is very appreciated!

$50 a month


In addition to the above, this might also help me cover my other bills!

Much appreciated!

$6,000 a month


I don't even know what to do with this kind of money!