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Marcel Eichner

Berlin / Germany

I’m an independent javascript developer with both experience in the front- and backend field.

I’m maintaining the following projects:

  • ikea-availability-checker a command line tool for checking the inventory state of IKEA product(s)
  • mite-cli cli for mite time tracking service, perfect if you’re never leaving the shell
  • mite-api nodejs api client for mite
  • circleboard2 an easy-to-setup GitLab and GitHub continuous integration monitoring service
  • countdown an easy-to-use/setup browser-based countdown display with many themes

And contributed to:

While sponsoring me you give some positive feedback for my work and to the open-source community in general. Thanks for considering sponsoring my work! I'm truly grateful for all the help and support! 🙏

Featured work

  1. Ephigenia/ikea-availability-checker

    Command-Line-Script & Library for checking the availability of specific IKEA products in specific stores and/or countries.

    JavaScript 203
  2. Ephigenia/mite-cli

    command line interface for time tracking service

    JavaScript 17
  3. Ephigenia/circleboard2

    tabular display of the most recent builds on circleci for use as build monitor dashboard display.

    TypeScript 9
  4. Ephigenia/countdown

    Big Simple Responsive Countdown Display Configured with GET-Parameters

    JavaScript 3
  5. Ephigenia/notable-cli

    CLI/TUI tool for taking markdown based notes base on simple files.

    JavaScript 2
  6. Ephigenia/foobugs-dashboard

    various dashing dashboard jobs

    JavaScript 68

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