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My Story

Hi, if you're here you probably want to know something about me, so sit down 'cause I'm about to write down everything that goes through my mind from the beginning until now.

I have always loved computers since I was little, my first computer was a Commodore 64, now a museum piece. I have one still working in the Garage!

at the age of 15, I became a volleyball coach, a profession I did until the age of 32, when I fell in love with programming.

in 2015, I was already attending university, and a strange thing happened: a professor, after an exam (which I passed), told me that I was not a good programmer, which was true, because, despite I was enrolled in computer science, I didn't like programming!

But that day I went home, and I started thinking I really wanted to try programming. The university was giving me the theoretical bases but not the practical ones, so I decided to go it alone.

I opened youtube and started looking for tutorials on how to program. Eventually I discovered Unity3d and C #, and started getting my hands seriously dirty.

I continued to attend university and I was only missing programming exams! So I started with C, C ++, Java, Prolog, Python, Php and JavaScript.

in 2017 I passed all the exams and I graduated and my idea was to open a youtube channel of my own to be able to share my knowledge

but in December 2017 something unexpected happened: A university professor sent me an email telling me if I wanted to work for the European Space Agency. At first I thought he was joking, but then I realized that the proposal was serious.

so I went for an interview, then another, and a few days later I was working full time! Incredible!

And it's been an incredible 2 and a half years, but then, at the beginning of 2020, another unexpected thing happened: Twitter.

Until early 2020, I was a person who had zero online presence. But then, slowly, I started using Twitter, more and more, and I met a lot of smart and capable developers, and I decided to dedicate more and more time to this platform, until reaching at the end of July 2020, 20,000 people who they followed what I said.

The number of followers is not important, I just say it to show how much I use Twitter :)

And suddenly, when I decided to do a Tweet to thank the people who followed me, I wanted to turn it into a video. I still don't know why I just felt it. It's a 23-second video that literally took HOURS of work. I had never posted a video of myself online where I talked, and I was even making one in English!

After that video, I had randomly ordered a GoPro, and on August 7, 2020, I posted my first video on YouTube. I finally succeeded where I had not succeeded for 10 years ...

Now, after 5 months, I have about 120 videos on youtube, and I have decided that for 2020 I will dedicate myself to producing useful content for developers, be it interviews, live streams, tutorials, articles, information.

So if you are still reading and want to support me, this is the best way to do it.

If you decide to give me a small sum, a pizza, I will thank you with all my heart and you will have helped me to take another step towards what I like to do most: help others

Thanks for reading! :)


When I reach this goal, I will create an event tagging the current sponsors and share more about the behind-the-scenes

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