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Franck Cornu


Father of one, motorcycle enthousiast and founder at @aequos_ca, I'm the original author of the 'PnP Modern Search' open source solution for SharePoint Online. Help me to improve and maintain this solution to make it even better since Microsoft promoted it as the recommended approach for custom search scenarios in the Office 365 platform!

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$5 a month


If you or your clients simply enjoy the 'PnP Modern Search' solution and want to see it maintained and improved on a regular basis, just encourage me!

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You will be listed as an official sponsor in the project home page and you will receive in advance details about roadmap and updates for next version before each release.

$100 a month


Your issues with the 'PnP Modern Search' solution will be prioritized first.

$500 a month


Wow this is cool! Your feature requests (if realistic of course) and issues will be definitely considered in priority for the next version.

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