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What is GAwesomeBot?

GAwesomeBot is an awesome, open source, community-driven Discord bot that does everything from boosting your server's activity to supercharging your moderation team.

GAwesomeBot and Open Source

Almost all Discord bots have their roots in open source. Sadly, nowadays, most of those Discord bots have decided to go closed source. GAwesomeBot is an AIO (All-In-One) Discord Bot that strives to be open source, forever.

Why sponsor GAwesomeBot?

Using GAwesomeBot will always be free. However, our servers aren't free. By sponsoring GAwesomeBot, you not only support our development efforts, but help promote open source Discord development in general.

What is GAwesomeBot doing now?

You might notice no new major feature commits have been made to the currently live GAwesomeBot in a while. Don't worry though, we're still hard at work! Our core dev team is working on completing a new, better GAB: GAwesomeBot Next. Additionally, we are still maintaining our current V5 bot, and plan to do so until next is finished.

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Thanks to your continued support, we no longer rely on ad revenue to keep our servers running! At this goal, we'll remove all ads and sponsored content from GAwesomeBot's website.

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