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Philip Howard

Cambridge, United Kingdom

By day I'm lucky enough to be paid to work upon open source code- creating MIT-licensed libraries for dozens of sensors as part of my role at Pimoroni. These are mostly written in Python and aimed at the Raspberry Pi platform.

In my spare time I created and maintain, a one-stop source for Raspberry Pi pinout documentation both for the Pi itself and many add-on boards.

Somewhere in a precarious balance between work and spare time I contribute to the maintenance of open-source libraries including rpi_ws18x, py-spidev, luma and others.

Sponsorship helps me to dedicate more of my time to open-source hobby projects and software that doesn't directly relate to what I do at Pimoroni. It also helps me afford the hardware and furniture I need to build a home lab in which I can hide and churn out awesome things.


Help fund the time and services to continue maintaining and improving

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Featured work

  1. Gadgetoid/Pinout

    Raspberry Pi Pinout micro-site, provided for translation, fact checking and suggestions under CC3.0

    HTML 18
  2. jgarff/rpi_ws281x

    Userspace Raspberry Pi PWM library for WS281X LEDs

  3. Gadgetoid/python-sidchip

    Python-SIDChip represents the Commodore 64 SID chip in a clean, concise way. It's able to produce a list of registers for sending to real or emulated chips.

    C++ 13

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This does the maths makes you 3x as awesome and will go far toward aiding me in my quest to kit out a home lab for maximum tinkering.