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George Peter Banyard

London, United Kingdom


Currently on interruption from my mathematics degree at Imperial College London, I liked to drive my markers crazy by using PHP to do computational maths instead of Python or MatLab.

Usually, I work on php-src (the PHP engine) spending my time trying to enable compiler warnings, re-factoring old code, and proposing language changes to improve PHP.

PHP RFCs I wrote or am a co-author:

I'm one of the main maintainers of the French PHP documentation translation, keeping it up to date with the English version, in which I also contribute to improve it (and give myself more work at the same time).
Notable PHP documentation contributions:

I also maintain the PHP CSV extension which is an attempt at improving handling of CSV strings and files in PHP compared to the currently built-in CSV functions.
You can install it via PECL.

Sponsoring me is a way to contribute back to PHP by allowing me to spend time doing some of the boring work on the engine and docs. Or letting me work on some new extensions for PHP.

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This would make it somewhat affordable for me to spend time on OSS instead of looking for a part-time job.


Featured work

  1. php/php-src

    The PHP Interpreter

  2. php/doc-en

    English PHP documentation

    HTML 174
  3. php/doc-fr

    French translation of the PHP documentation

    HTML 9

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