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Paris, France

👋 Hello there!

For a few years now I've been working on open-source projects as a hobby.
You might know me as the maker of eDEX-UI, the real life sci-fi terminal to show off in the open-space - that was downloaded over 100k times!

You can sponsor me on GitHub if you think what I make is cool and you want to see more of it. Funds will go towards paying hosting & other fees for projects that need it, and the occasional espresso ☕️.

My email is always open if you have any questions or just want to chat. ✌️

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$1 a month


You like what I do and feel like it's worth sponsoring. Thank you!

$5 a month


$1 sounds cheap to you. You want to make sure I get enough coffee to finish the next eDEX update. I better get back to it!

$10 a month


You're covering my projects cloud hosting fees. Cheers!

$20 a month


You decided to stop playing that time-consuming MMORPG and sponsor me instead. You hope that I'll come up with an interesting project idea before you get a "come back!" promo code. I might tell you about some things I haven't released yet.

$50 a month


Your colleagues are afraid of you since they caught you messing around in eDEX. They pay your lunch from time to time in hope that you won't hack their computer, and you feel entitled to pay me back somehow. Don't worry, I won't tell them.

$100 a month


You want to make sure I read your emails. You think a 3-digit number will get my attention. You're probably correct.

$250 a month


You feel sorry for the amount of time I spend working on open-source, for free. You probably are richer than me. I will send you a postcard.

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