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Become a sponsor to GobySoft, LLC

Your sponsorship will go directly towards continue development and maintenance of two open source projects that are widely relevant to the underwater robotics and networking community:

  1. Goby Underwater Autonomy Project:

    The Goby Underwater Autonomy Project aims to create a unified framework for the collaboration of multiple scientific autonomous marine vehicles, seamlessly incorporating acoustic, ethernet, wifi, and serial communications.

  2. The Dynamic Compact Control Language:

    The Dynamic Compact Control Language (DCCL) is a language for marshalling (or roughly analogously: source encoding or compressing) object-based messages for extremely low throughput network links. Originally designed for commanding and retrieving data from autonomous underwater vehicles over acoustic modem links, DCCL has found additional uses in the robotics community (such as for sending messages over satellite or degraded land-based links). It is suitable for use when having a very small encoded message size is of much more importance than the speed of encoding and decoding these messages.

Featured work

  1. GobySoft/goby

    The Goby Underwater Autonomy Project

    C++ 24
  2. GobySoft/dccl

    Dynamic Compact Control Language

    C++ 17
  3. GobySoft/goby3

    The Goby Underwater Autonomy Project Version 3

    C++ 18
  4. GobySoft/goby3-examples

    Examples for the Goby3 middleware

    C++ 3
  5. GobySoft/geov

    Google Earth interface for Ocean Vehicles

    PHP 1
  6. GobySoft/Adafruit_BME280_Library

    Arduino Library for BME280 sensors


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Choose a custom amount. There are no rewards associated with this sponsorship.

$100 a month


Basic sponsorship: You receive the satisfaction of having contributed to continued development on these projects.

$800 a month


Silver sponsorship: Recognition on project and websites.

$1,600 a month


Gold sponsorship:

  • Recognition on project and websites.
  • Recognition on release emails and talks about the Goby and DCCL projects.

$3,000 a month


Platinum sponsorship:

  • Benefits of lower tiers
  • Monthly teleconference meetings to discuss the direction of the project and you and/or your engineers will have significant influence in guiding the technical direction of our projects.