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Hi! We are GothenburgBitFactory, the team bringing you Taskwarrior and Timewarrior, since 2006.

By sponsoring us, you allow us to dedicate more time and resources for the command line projects we all grew to love over the course of last 15 years. Sponsorship directly translates to more time spent on the project, as meeting our goal would enable one core developer to work on the project in a part-time capacity.

What are the funds going to be used for?

We have great plans with the Taskwarrior / Timewarrior ecosystem and we are excited you are considering supporting us. Our (upcoming) roadmap includes popular features like recurrence overhaul, support for subtasks, encrypted synchronization, and official mobile clients.

The funds are going to be used to support the infrastructure, core developers, to produce better learning resources and documentation. We also hope to expand the size of the core team via open source internships.

Sponsorship perks

By supporting the project, you get perks ranging from early access to new releases of Taskwarrior (before sponsorship goals are met), extra usage tips and tricks or even swag packages! Check out the individual sponsorship tiers on the right for details.


Help us to release new version of Taskwarrior with better support for recurrent tasks, improved performance and more. Meeting this goal will allow us to have one core developer work on the project part-time.

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Featured work

  1. GothenburgBitFactory/taskwarrior

    Taskwarrior - Command line Task Management

  2. GothenburgBitFactory/timewarrior

    Timewarrior - Commandline Time Tracking and Reporting

15% towards 500 monthly sponsors goal

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$ a month

Choose a custom amount.

$7 a month


You'll get a sponsorship badge on your Github profile and our eternal gratitude. Plus we'll do our best to get Taskwarrior sticker delivered to you (if you wish). Your support makes continued development of Taskwarrior possible!

$12 a month


Extra resources and Early access to new features

  • Access to sponsor-only documentation resources (videos, tutorials) with tips and tricks on how to use Taskwarrior / Timewarrior most efficiently
  • Early access to new major Taskwarrior features (current in development is the recurrence system overhaul).

Includes all of the above.

$24 a month


Swag pack and two feature votes

Thank you for being such a Taskwarrior fan! You get swag pack that you can customize yourself (shirt, mug, pillow, ...). Additionally, you get two feature votes per release cycle. Feature votes strongly orient us in prioritization of features on the roadmap.

Includes all of the above.