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Welcome to GriffinScribe, LLC!

GriffinScribe is comprised of a team of skilled and competent Clojure/ClojureScript developers (among a variety of other programming languages), who are ready to assist you in developing your next awesome Single-Page Application or Mobile App. Looking to launch your new product? Tired of not being able to find the open-source, pure-Clojure implementation of a specific encryption scheme? Look no further; GriffinScribe, LLC is ready to meet your needs.

We provide custom consultation and software development for clients. Recent work our team has produced has been integrated in and

We've released Recap, an automatic-speech recognition (ASR) system to automatically generate captions/transcripts for your favorite mobile short video clips and longer clips like that documentary you just got put in charge of for work. This tech stack is built with Clojure(Script), and Flutter.

In addition to our multi-platform mobile and web app Recap, we're looking to create open-source Clojure libraries for S/MIME and PGP technology and certificate validation, and some communication schemes powered by RSA and Diffie-Hellman protocols (written in Clojure, of course).

We admire the mission statement of a research lab at Brigham Young University. "Broadly speaking, we are interested in making the Internet more secure, using technology that is easy for everyone to use" (, and we are striving to make that a reality for developers and end-users of the Clojure language.

Some of our recent open-source contributions includes one of the first libraries written in pure Clojure (no external dependencies used) for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which can be used to help ensure encrypted/private communications and file storage. See

We are also looking to implement various HASH and HMAC computations as an open source Clojure library. There's some really interesting research being done by computer scientists and professors regarding Transport Layer Security (TLS helps makes web connections secure), and given the stability and awesomeness of the Clojure language, we would love your financial support to develop these Clojure-implemented algorithms to make the internet a more secure and safe place.

Convinced we're the right fit for your business, and want to try us out?

Contact the founder at for additional information and customized quotes.


Having 5 sponsors will cover the hosting costs for the Google Cloud Compute Engine and AWS for a month, which will be providing the storage and computation needed to accurately and quickly process large encryption and voice recognition jobs.

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Featured work

  1. GriffinScribe-LLC/clojure-aes

    Pure Clojure implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for encryption and decryption using 128, 192, and 256 bit keys based on FIPS Publication 197.

    Clojure 15

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