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Hi! For almost 20 years I have been contributing to Zikula - open source software that is an application development framework for creating websites and applications. During the last years we migrated its foundation to Symfony as well as other modern technologies.

Model Driven Development can help maintain a huge ecosystem containing a growing amount of extensions. For this purpose, I started the ModuleStudio project about 10 years ago. It provides a development environment for modeling and generating Zikula modules, abstracting your implementation. So you can quickly create individual and reliable database applications.

I do not only create and develop software, but also work on several project management tasks, like bug and ticket management as well as providing support on several communication channels together with other collaborators.

Technically we are looking forward to a bright future. It primarily depends on migrating more extensions to move the whole ecosystem into the new generation. We also need to invest more energy into marketing activities. But I can't do it without you! By supporting my work you will help the project's further evolvement. Help me reducing the efforts to be invested into paid projects in order to devote more time to open source contributions.


2 sponsors are funding Guite’s work.


Featured work

  1. Guite/MostGenerator

    Transformation cartridges for generating Zikula modules and other artifacts from ModuleStudio models.

    Xtend 21
  2. zikula/core

    Zikula Core Framework

    PHP 228
  3. Guite/MostHelp

    ModuleStudio user assistance and manual

    HTML 5
  4. Guite/MostExamples

    ModuleStudio sample models and generated artifacts

    HTML 7
  5. Guite/MostLocales

    Translation packs for ModuleStudio.

    Shell 2
  6. Guite/generator-action

    GitHub Action for using the standalone generator from ModuleStudio.

    Shell 1

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