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Jean-Philippe Paradis

near Montréal, Québec, Canada


I have been almost entirely dedicated to open-source Common Lisp for nearly a decade. I systematically release all my Common Lisp related projects into the Public Domain under the Unlicense, thus ensuring everyone can use them however they wish. See all my work at HexstreamSoft.

Some of my more notable ready-to-use documentation-related projects are the Common Lispers list, the modern public domain CLOS MOP specification and the epic FORMAT table.

Some of my ready-to-use libraries I am most proud of are definitions-systems, place-modifiers, cartesian-product-switch, trivial-jumptables, its, with-output-to-stream and cesdi. I love making highly focussed, lightweight, single-issue libraries.

An unfortunately incomplete yet still useful documentation project I have spent 4 months on is my CL tips article. The main page is due for a major refactoring.

I am looking forward to releasing lispy-format 1.0 in late Q1 2020 at the latest. I have very concrete ideas for it and have already made significant progress on a private branch. I also have fairly concrete ideas for a very powerful LOOP/Iterate replacement project, but this is a much harder project for which I cannot offer even an approximate release timeline.

explicit-bind is a great metabang-bind replacement project I have been trying to finish since forever, but this is unfortunately stalled on, among other things, first-class-lambda-lists which is about 80% complete but itself stalled and not yet usable. Life is hard! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I have recently deleted a whopping 48 old projects I no longer care about, allowing me to better focus on more important projects. I am starting a round of modernization and other improvements (such as better documentation) for many of my ready-to-use libraries.

One of the biggest and most important projects in the next few years would be to make a public domain spiritual successor to the CLHS, based on dpANS3. I think my modern public domain CLOS MOP specification proves that I am entirely capable of tackling this project and doing a really great job.

Unfortunately, my open-source development process has not been entirely dignified, almost entirely due to financial concerns. I crucially rely on your support to help pave the road to sustainability! It is especially important to support me in my first year on GitHub Sponsors, as GitHub will be doubling your donation. I am hoping we will leverage this opportunity to get the ball rolling to the fullest extent!

The Common Lisp community is on the verge of an unprecedented revival, and you can accelerate and embolden this process by funding me and other active Common Lispers. Thank you!

Alternatively, you can support me on Patreon.
My profile there provides complementary details.

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